23 Nov 18

PSK31 derived from the 31 baud BPSK modulation system used in PSK31 was introduced by Pawel Jalocha (SP9VRC) in his SLOWBPSK program written for Motorola’s EVM radio. Instead of the traditional frequency-shift keying, the information is transmitted by patterns of polarity-reversals (sometimes called 180-degree phase shifts).

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22 Nov 18

Alexander Stepanovich Popov (sometimes spelled Popoff)  was a Russian physicist Born 16 March 1859 and died 31 December 1905.

On 7 May 1895 presented a paper to the Physical and Chemical Society in St. Petersburg explaining how a lightening detector could be used as a coherer to detect radio noise from lightening strikes.

On  March 24th, 1896 in a demonstration, he used radio waves to transmit a message between different campus buildings in St. Petersburg Russia. Marconi registered a patent  Two Months after the demonstration. 

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Alexander Stepanovich Popov


popovs-radio-receiverAlexander Stepanovich Popov‘s first transciever

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21 Nov 18

Kathryn Dwyer Sullivan Ph.D.- NASA astronaut flew 3 space missions one in each shuttle, STS-41-G in the Challenger, STS-31 in the Discovery, STS-45 Atlantis. She is currently the Charles  A.  Lindbergh Chair of Aerospace History at the Smithsonian  Institute.

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20 November 18

TWiT has 4 studios in the US and offers tickets to view the filming of the shows. TwiT TV is a Tech based network with shows explaining and showing how to do, and deal with electronics. From cell phones to computers and anything electronic. As they put it,: We read the manuals so you don’t. Main office is in Petaluma California. To find out more and to even watch shows or up coming shows, Click Here

19 November 18

Filming new shows every Wednesday at 7 PM (pacific) and get posted on the website 24 hours later can be found at (Click Here).  Episodes have covered the history of SSB, Amateur Television, 10GHz Antenna Tests, Mobile HF Antennas, Icom HF DSP, contacts with the International Space Station, Field Day reports, Special Events, trips to television studios, tips and tricks, and even a ham wedding! Click the link above and go explore or Click Here

17 Nov 18

Joseph William Kittinger II participated in Project Manhigh and Project Excelsior in 1960, setting a world record for the highest skydive from a height greater than 31 kilometres (19 mi). He was also the first man to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a gas balloon, and the first man to fully witness the curvature of the Earth. 

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16 Nov 18

Paul Warfield Tibbets Jr, most notably was known for piloting the Enola Gay which dropped the first atomic bomb but yet he did have a distinguished career in the US Air Force beginning in the European theater in the early days of WW2. To Find out more (Click Here)

15 Nov 18

NRQZ or National Radio Quiet Zone… 

 is a large area of land in the United States designated as a radio quiet zone, in which radio transmissions are heavily restricted by law to facilitate scientific research and military intelligence. It is located roughly half each in the Blue Ridge Mountains of west-central Virginia, and the Allegheny Mountains of east-central West Virginia and southernmost tip of the Maryland panhandle.


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11 November 18

Fred Lloyd AA7BQ founder of QRZ.com was originally working on a project called the call sign project which was to obtain and distribute to hams the FCC database of operating call signs. This project was born out of  the internet news group rec.ham-radio. The projects initial sponsor was Rusty, Carruth, N7IKQ.

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