1 June 19

Tom Kneitel the grandson of Seymour Kneitel was an avid Radio operator (and even ran a pirate radio station in Manhattan back in the day .. this is from his page on HFUnderground) and wrote several books on electronic projects such as “101 Easy Ham Projects” back in 1968. Tom Kneitel was an editor as well as a contributing author for “Popular Communications” magazine, as well as a contributing author for  CB Horizons, S9 and Popular Electronics… More on Tom Kneitel at ARRL, HFUnderground, some of his books are available to read on the internet for free at Open Library

31 May 19

Requirements: Full ARRL membership; Experience as an ARES registrant; Regular participation in the local ARES organization including drills and test; Participation in emergency nets and actual emergency situations; Regular reporting of activities; Encouraged to earn certification in Level 1of the ARRL Emergency Communications Course

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18 May 19

Hallicrafters HT-37

Modes: SSB/AM/CW
Bands: 80 – 10 Meters (full bandswitching)
Output Power: 70-100W SSB, CW; 17-25W-AM
VFO: Yes
Power Supply: Internal
Final Tube(s): 2ea. 6146
SSB Method: Phasing
New Price/Year: $450-$495/1959-1963
Size: 9.5″h x 19.25″w x 16.0″d
Approx. Weight: 80 lbs

Source of Info Ham Radio Museum 

More info plus an inside view and schematic… Radio Museum . org