1 April 2020

War Of the Worlds radio drama’s original broadcast was October 30th 1938, adapted from a book that was originally published in 1898: The book was written by…. A) George Orson Welles …. B) Alfred Hitchcock … C) Herbert George Wells … D) Howard Koch
Answer is C… Herbert George Wells (H.G. Wells was an English writer from the United Kingdom, the radio drama was written by Howard Koch and Orson Welles.

Authors: Howard Koch, H. G. Wells
Original release: October 30, 1938, 8 – 9 pm ET
Recording studio: Columbia Broadcasting Building

The Original Script is at the end of this post in PDF format

War of the Worlds book free online, you have 2 choices ones, the first link you can read in your browser and the second gives you multiple choices for download ( both are at Gutenberg)

Gutenberg Read in Browser

Gutenberg Other Formats

The Original Radio Broadcast

A Documentary on the making of War of the Worlds Radio Episode

Orson Wells and H.G. Welles Meet


24 March 2020

Call signs ZL1ZLD and ZL1ZLF are for A) Auckland or B) Musick Point, both are in New Zealand
Answer is B Musick Point, they have several amateur radio stations at Musick Point, including high-frequency transceivers with directional antennas, various VHF and UHF repeaters and our specialty, a 630-metre radio telegraph station.The whole story and what they are up to follow this link to the Musick Point Website

27 February 2020

A klystron is a specialized linear-beam vacuum tube that amplifies low frequencies for communications
A. Yes
B. No
Answer B… A klystron is used as an amplifier for high radio frequencies, from UHF up into the microwave range. Low-power klystrons are used as oscillators in terrestrial microwave relay communications links, while high-power klystrons are used as output tubes in UHF television transmitters, satellite communication, radar transmitters, and to generate the drive power for modern particle accelerators.

Links about Klystron’s… Wikipedia, EverythingRF, All About Circuits 

24 Feb 2020

Alfred J Gross W8PAL and Fred M Link formed Citizens Mobile Radio Company which was the first recipient of FCC approval for producing handheld transceivers
A. Yes
Answer is B… Both are known as Pioneers in communications Alfred J Gross (aka. Ivan Gross) is the one known for wireless handheld communications. His company was the first to receive approval for HandHeld radios. This new service was set up and available to all Citizens operating on a frequency 460 – 470 megaherz….

Below is his License from 1935 and below that is an Article about Al Gross, more about Alfred J Gross… Wikipedia


21 February 2020

Fred M Link of the Fred M. Link Co. 1931 – 1950 is known as the pioneer of VHF FM police communications
Answer is Yes… Link received the IEEE Centennial Medal in 1984. An IEEE milestone plaque at the entrance of the Connecticut Department of Public Safety headquarters in Middletown, Conn., commemorates the installation of the first FM police radio communications system, which was built by Link Radio. It was the success of this system that led to adopting FM radio for communications by the Mechanized Cavalry (tanks) based in Fort Monmouth, N.J., used in World War II.

Here are a few more links of images Ham Gallery has the most and below the links is the PDF tribute associated with the Ham Gallery link

Ham Gallery Tribute to Fred Link 3BVA



20 February 20

The G76 made by the Gonset Division, Burbank California in the 60’s was a 6 band all mode mobile or base radio that sold for 375 dollars in 1961; Was the Parent Company of Gonset Division, Young Spring and Wire Company of Michigan?
A. No
B. Yes
Answer B… Incorporated in 1918 as L A Young Industries then in 1957 they changed their name to Young Spring and Wire Company. In 1956 they acquired Gonset Company and one more radio related company was acquired in 1958 which was Link Radio of New York. Below is a picture from RigPix.com and below that is the G76 Manual