1 April 2020

War Of the Worlds radio drama’s original broadcast was October 30th 1938, adapted from a book that was originally published in 1898: The book was written by…. A) George Orson Welles …. B) Alfred Hitchcock … C) Herbert George Wells … D) Howard Koch
Answer is C… Herbert George Wells (H.G. Wells was an English writer from the United Kingdom, the radio drama was written by Howard Koch and Orson Welles.

Authors: Howard Koch, H. G. Wells
Original release: October 30, 1938, 8 – 9 pm ET
Recording studio: Columbia Broadcasting Building

The Original Script is at the end of this post in PDF format

War of the Worlds book free online, you have 2 choices ones, the first link you can read in your browser and the second gives you multiple choices for download ( both are at Gutenberg)

Gutenberg Read in Browser

Gutenberg Other Formats

The Original Radio Broadcast

A Documentary on the making of War of the Worlds Radio Episode

Orson Wells and H.G. Welles Meet