Bills World Up Dates… The USA Coach Ham Fest and Rod Run was a success and the video is up, so go take a look…..

USA Coach HamFest and Rod Run 

Thanks to W4XXI – Joe, NZ1Q – Ed, KK4WTE – Rick, W8QFV – Mark for all the work to make the 1st USA Coach HamFest and Rod Run a SUCCESS……. 

Bill’s World Photos (new) and my old charter website is still here for those looking for porpoise videos and fish pictures, (Click Here), or use the link on the top right.


SPARC… Saint Petersburg Amateur Radio Club Science Fair Video.. Click Here 

KO4CR QST… This is a new section brought on by the “covid” and our SPARC monthly club meetings being held on “Zoom“. The first in this section is the full video from W6TWT Leo LaPorte, THE Tech Guy at TWiT, this video is on lighting to give you the best profile on Zoom. For the Post with Video Click Here

Each weekend, you’re invited to listen to the following QSTs immediately following the 6:30pm SPARC 2M Nightly net:

Newsline is presented in its entirety, unedited, and you can listen online at Amature Radio Newsline Click Here  New podcasts are usually posted Thursdays after 9:00 pm.

This is an edited version of the full podcast. Running time is about 20 minutes.
You can listen to the full podcast online at This Week In Amateur Radio Click Here Running time is between 1 and 2 hours. New podcasts are usually posted on Saturday evenings.

SPARC Nets… Our current SPARC Nets (Any Licensed Ham is welcome to join in anyone of our Nets and Round Tables, if your in the area Please stop in and say “Hi”. These Nets are on our repeater every day, (365 of them) “147.060+” … We start the morning out with a Roundtable at 0900 hrs, the next net is the 2m Nightly PreNet starting at 1800 hrs officially but it does have a tendency to start 30 to 40 minutes before (both are listed on NetLogger) to download NetLogger Click Here… At 1830 hrs We start the SPARC 2m Nightly Net, some controllers utilize NetLogger but not all… We have on Thursday Nights a 440 Net which starts at 1915 hrs (Frequency is 444.475+ MHz (146.2 Hz tone)… Our newest net is on Sunday, The SPARC 440 Revival, this has replaced the 220 revival due to a lightning strike… 1400 hrs on 444.475+ MHz pl 146.2 tone…. Come on by and drop your call sign in and have some fun on the radio… SPARC Club Site Click Here

The Suncoast Antenna Team… We haven’t been that busy with much in the antenna and tower changes, for the few minor things the team has done Ill get a video put together but I have been busy with other projects for the past few months…. Click Here for The Antenna Team Page

The 1815 Swap Net… the swap net is held during the PreNet at 1800 hrs depending on the listings the list may not be read during the PreNet so please visit the list on Ed’s site (Link is below).  Sir Ed will always discuss the list or an item during the PreNet, if you have an item to add to his list, let him and the group know during the PreNet.  To have a look at the list (Click Here for Ed’s Site)

The nightly trivia questions and  “The Rest of the Story” are still here although I haven’t been creating many new questions this year, just rewording previous years questions…

The SPARC St. Petersburg Science Fair Video