7 November 18

In September 1916 the American authorities issued 2YT to the Marconi Company in New York for use at the Marconi Institute. Ref: http://earlyradiohistory.us/speclnd2.htm
The original callsign 2YT was issued in Britain to the Marconi Company for use at the Poldhu Station in Cornwall in the early 1920’s. 2YT is recorded as being used for tests between Poldhu and station 2FC Willoughby, Australia in March 1924.
It is also recorded that 2YT was used by Marconi from his yacht Elettra, see update below.
G2YT was issued to F J Rumary of Down Road, Redcliffe Bay, Portishead, Somerset in 1936. Originally, nothing was known about this station but in August 2006 a G2YT QSL card was found dated 1936! The is now an update to this, see G2YT 1936 below.
G2YT was issued to Crispin Redshaw, G4VZ of Bridport Road, Dorchester in Dorset. The exact circumstances and date of this re-issue is not known but Cris is recorded as using G2YT from his Dorchester station in December 1957.
Crispin Redshaw became a ‘silent key’ in 1974.
G2YT was re-allocated to Peter Fox (formerly G4MCK) of Shefford in Bedfordshire in 2000.
This is the excerpt from the South Dorchester Amature Radio Club page only pertaining to the 2YT – G2YT call sign, much more is on that page, … Click Here