1 February 20

A mystery signal heard on 4 frequencies in 2004, 3.7 mhz, 4.3, 6.5 mhz and 10.5 mhz ending on December 23rd and then beginning again on the 14th of January 2005 adding a new group of frequencies which just happened to be the international time frequencies of 10 – 15 & 20MHz. The audio contained in the short transmissions was that of Bugs Bunny speaking or Yosemite Sam
A. Bugs Bunny
B. Yosemite Sam
Answer B… Though signal strength here in South East England was poor, reception was possible and was best heard on 6500kHz. Monitors in the USA reported much stronger signals and were able to confirm that the speech was a clip featuring the voice of Yosemite Sam saying “…varmint – I’m a going to blow you to smithereenies”, which is an extract from the 1949 Bugs Bunny Cartoon “Bunker Hill Bunny”

The end of the story

The signals were particularly strong in New Mexico and on Wednesday 16 February 2005, and armed with a Potomac Field Intensity Meter, shielded loop antenna and a mobile rig the two hams set out West to track the signals.

At about 2.30pm local time the two Hams arrived at the Laguna Indian Reservation and approached a compound containing buildings, towers and antennas and were able to confirm that they had found the source of the transmissions, The MATIC Center.

For the whole story  and recorded audio follow this link to Mystery Signals