26 October 19

Amature radio operator Richard C Factor WA2IKL was the first President of

  1. The SETI League 
  2. Eventide
  3. Kings County Amature Radio Club
  4. North Jersey DX Club

Answer is “1”… Richard felt the world’s radio amateurs might be just the resource needed to keep SETI research going. He founded the SETI League as a non-profit, membership-supported, educational and scientific organization, and now serves in a volunteer capacity as the League’s first president. He also has a seat on the corporation’s Board of Trustees.

Richard C Factor WA2IKL on SETI 

QSO Today Interview with Richard Factor, WA2IKL. He tells his ham radio story and how he uses is Toyota Prius as a backup power supply for his house. Click Here for the Interview

A short page of his life on radio as well as WABC music radio in New York as an engineer and filling in as a radio personality, very interesting… Click Here

Richard Factor was one of the many Music radio WABC engineers
who made the over air sound of the station so smooth and tight.
In addition, he worked with Dan Ingram who nick named him the “Evil Ox”.
Here’s an air check of Dan working with Richard utilizing one of his innovations known as “The Heen and the Hern”: