25 October 19

Wayne Overbeck, N6NB and Gregory Campbell, W6IT broke the microwave 2.3 meter and 3.4 meter microwave SSB distance record that stood for 20 years. From what 2 locations and year did they do this

  1. Alaska and California 2014
  2. Philippines and Hawaii 2015
  3. Japan and Midway Island 2014
  4. Hawaii and California 2015 

Answer is 4… The record-setting contacts occurred on June 19 (June 18 in Hawaii) on 2.3 GHz at 0257 UTC and on 3.4 GHz at 0300 UTC. W6IT was in grid square DM13cs, while N6NB/KH6 was in BK29hq. According to the database of distance records maintained by Al Ward, W5LUA, the old records were 3982 km, set on by N6CA and KH6ME on July 14, 1994, on 2.3 GHz (CW) and on July 28, 1991, on 3.4 GHz (SSB).

More can be found in ARRL’s  artical

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