14 October 19

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The September before the creation of the State of Israel, the station ZC6AA identified its location as “Tel Aviv, Israel.”

4X and 4Z were activated when the state of Israel was proclaimed, however afterwards some individual operators adopted call signs assuming that the territory was still “Arab Palestine”. The UN Headquarters signed “Jerusalem” in 1947 and “Jerusalem, Palestine” in 1957, with callsigns ZC6UNJ and ZC6UNU.

During the Suez crisis in 1957, some Israeli operators signed in the Sinai with an Israelis prefix, but with a /SINAI appended to their call sign.

Israel can issue a National Israeli call sign in the series 4Z8 to foreign amateurs whose countries participate in the CEPT Recommendation T/R 61-02.

The Israeli Amateur Radio Club (IARC) was founded on February 18, 1948, and is a member at IARU.  Presently call signs are issued within Israel by the Ministry of Communications according to this table:

Call sign block License Category
4X0, 4Z0, 4X2, 4Z2, 4X3, 4Z3, 4Z6, 4X7, 4X9 Special Events
4X1AA–4X1ZZ, 4Z1AA–4Z1ZZ Extra/Class A
4X4AA–4X4ZZ, 4Z4AA–4Z4ZZ, 4Z5AA–4Z5ZZ, 4X5AA-4X5ZZ, 4X6AA–4X6ZZ General/Class B
4Z9AAA–4Z9ZZZ Novice/Class C
4Z7AAA–4Z7ZZZ Technician/Class D
4X8AA–4X8ZZ Honorary
4Z8AA–4Z8ZZ Foreign

In July 2012 a 4Z5 operator was upgraded to class A without a callsign change.