11 January 20

Which actress that was on this is your life in 1961 ran phone patches during the Vietnam War, her call sign was W6NAZ 

  1. Donna Douglas
  2. Maxine Bare 
  3. Lenore Kingston Jensen 
  4.  Arlene Francis

Answer 3… (Stage name Lenore Kingston) Lenore Jensen…… Star Performer: AMARS had its celebrity in actress Lenore Jensen, who completed tens of thousands of patches at her Los Angeles station. NBC’s “This is Your Life” featured her in 1961….. complete with a QSO on the air (you might say) with a regular HF scheduled partner. “I can remember having my heart broken a thousand times and more as I listened . . .” she told author Paul Scipione. “War is a terrible thing but we did our best.” In a web page he devoted to Jensen, ham radio historian Cliff Cheng Ph.D. (AC6C) wrote: “She was one of amateur radio’s most prominent operators; possibly the hobby’s most famous YL [woman operator] in its history. In 1939 she co-founded the YL Radio League. During WWII she founded a radio course for women through the American Women’s Voluntary Services and taught CW [Morse code] to the U.S. Navy. In the 1950s she ran phone patches for U.S. Air Force personnel stations at remote bases such as Antarctica and Greenland